Welcome News Editors,

This article is designed to train you as a local editor for your news magazine. There are a series of video tutorials you can watch as well as links to various resources. Bookmark this page so you can access it easily in the future.


Quick links: (mentioned in the videos)

  • To view your local centre news blog:
  • To log in to to the back end of your news blog:

Training Videos

Below are a series of movies to train you on the basics of managing the content on your news blog.


More Movies:

For all the movies below, you can right click (save link as..) and save them to your desktop if you would like to refer to them often. If not, you can simply play them in your browser.

How to Log in

Info on how to log in, reset password, add an account to the SDB (7.8M)

Write and Edit a Post

How to Write a post, add an image and edit a post (18.4M)

Create a Photo Slideshow

Add many photos from your computer to easily create a slideshow (10M)

Add a Movie

Add a movie into your blog that is posted on youtube (5.8M)


More Resources

Advanced issues regarding the Shambhala Database

For more questions on training, start a support ticket in the help desk.

Shambhala Times resources:

Manage article submissions, profile and pictures

Read the Editing Guide