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To receive a News Blog for your website

To get a news blog for your centre, have your director contact us via the support contact form.  Make sure to choose 'Centre Template Websites' in the pull down menu.


Blog features

As of this year, each Shambhala centre that has a website using the template system can be given a news section on their site.  This is a database driven news blog that will allow you to post stories, announcements, dharma teachings, and much more to your site.  Many centres currently produce a printed news letter; this news module will be an online compliment to that.  

Some of the features of the news section include:
  • Post pictures and stories of programs
  • Share news of marriages, births, deaths, etc.
  • Send news and program announcements automatically to your sangha via RSS (what is RSS?
  • Post videos
  • Share your news stories mandala wide via the Shambhala Times (upcoming community news magazine)

Connectionto Shambhala Times

You may be aware of the new Community news magazine: The Shambhala Times.  Among many of the features of this site, the site will host news stories from all our centres in the mandala on the regional pages. So as you post news stories to your local site, they have the option of showing up on the Shambhala Times regional pages (don't worry, your short announcements won't show).