Important! - These instructions are for Centre directors only or for those who have their direct permission.

How do I set up a news blog for our centre?

How do I choose an Editor for our news blog?





Dear Centre Directors,

This article is to let you know of a new feature for your website, the news section (blog).  As of this year, each Shambhala centre that has a website using the template system will be given a news section on their site.  This is a database driven news blog that will allow you to post stories, announcements, dharma teachings, and much more to your site.  Read about news blog features here

Many centres currently produce a printed news letter; this news module will be an online compliment to that.   The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the news section you will be receiving, and to ask you to chose and editor whom we can contact to give training and access. Please in the next few days pick an editor and then email us via the support contact form with the answers to the below questions (hint: copy and paste them into the email form).  Make sure to choose 'Centre Template Websites' in the support contact form pull down menu.

Your email needs to answer these questions:

1. What is your director's name?


2. What is the Director's email address?


3. What is your centres name? e.g., Vancouver Shambhala centre


4. What is your centres URL? e.g.,


5. What is your new editor's name?


6. What is your editors email address?


7. What is your website admin's name?


8. What is your website admin's email address?


9. Do you have any questions? If so, let me know.



Picking an Editor

As the news stories you post may end up on the Shambhala Times in the regional sections , it is important that your centre picks an editor who is competent and reliable to represent your centre mandala wide. If you have an existing newsletter, this most likely is the person who is responsible for editing that. If you don't have a newsletter editor already, you may want to look for someone who has the following skills: 

  • good writing
  • clear communication
  • good decision making skills
  • light computer skills
  • an understanding of the larger mandala.

The editor only needs light computer skills because the news module is quite easy to manage and requires only a web browser to add and edit news stories.

It is important to note that for small centres and groups the editor may be the same person as the website administrator. But for large centres, most likely this will not be the case, so don't automatically assume that as this has to do with the website, it is the web administrator's realm.  That person may not have the skillset to be the news editor for a large centre.

Some technical talk:

The news blog is powered by a different engine than your website is.  Currently your website works like this: you add programs using the SDB and you change text and images on your website's non program pages using Contribute.  Both the Contribute changes and the programs in the SDB show up on your local website.  The news blog will appear in your site to the public, but will be powered by Wordpress with a separate browser based interface to add and change news stories. As all the centres will be interconnected to the Shambhala Times, we had to build it this way.  The good news is that the editor you choose will not be required to have a copy of contribute on their computer, nor will they need access to the SDB to make changes to the news section.  They will just need a web browser and their Shambhala ID and pass word to manage the news section.

In order to connect your news section to your website, the website administrator will only have to make a very small change (5 minutes) to the site and I will be personally sending them instructions how to do so in a later email.


Next steps:

So your job is to pick a news editor and email us. When we receive your info, we will build the news section for your site and send your editor training information. The training for the editor should only take about 10 minutes before they are adding news to your site!  We will also send your website administrator technical information on how to connect to news section to the site.