Some helpful definitions:

Recurring Events

Recurrent events is an umbrella term for a series of event dates that fall on a regular time (e.g., open house).  Using the recurring events feature, you can create years of events at once, yet each event date can have different details, such as teacher, titles, description, price, etc.  Each event date can also have it's own registration.  E.g., a Recurring Event could be 'Open House' and an Event Date could be the Open House on Nov. 17, 2009.

Single / Multi day event

Single or Multi-day events refer to a single program that can span one or many days, such as Shambhala Levels & SSBS courses.

Finding your monthly calendar view

Understandably some Centres have switched to other calendar services for the monthly calendar view.  If your centre is one of them and you would like to see how the new calendar looks and interacts with the new program formats in the SDB, you can still visit your centre's monthly calendar view here:  Of course, you will have to convert a few programs first to notice any changes.

Support contacts

For Issues with the SDB calendar interface please contact Candlin Dobbs (

For issues or concerns with your website's calendar or programs pages, please contact Cameron Wenaus (

Adding rooms to programs and events

You can now add rooms to programs and events.  To edit your list of rooms, log in as administrator in the SDB and click 'Edit Centre Info'  look for rooms at the bottom.  Once you have added rooms to your centre's profile, they will appear from a pop-up menu when you are creating a new program.  The rooms will also appear on the monthly calendar view.

New Calendar features at a glance:

Multi-day programs

This feature is designed specifically for our levels and weekly courses.  Easily create programs that span across many days with with different start and end dates for each day and only one registration.

Recurring programs

Perfect for open houses and ongoing events, this feature allows you to create recurring events for years in advance in just a few clicks.  For total flexibility each event date can be customized via title, teacher, intro text, price, etc.

Associate rooms with programs

We now have the ability to associate rooms with programs, this is a helpful tool for newcomers and administration alike.  Create a custom list of the rooms in your centre and each time you create a program, simply choose which room the program is located in.

Faster program browsing in SDB Admin view

Now we can find programs much faster by sorting them into Past / Future / Recurring. The 'recurring programs' view also allows us easily to see and edit each of the event dates for our recurring programs.

Redesigned Edit View in SDB Admin

Adding and editing programs is easier and more intuitive now now with color cues and a cleaner flow of information.

New Monthly Calendar design.

Your centre's calendar will now have the look and feel of your centre's website design including the centre name, colors and background.

Quick view of program details on Monthly Calendar

While browsing the monthly calendar on your website , viewers will enjoy a 'quick view' of the crucial details for each program such as intro text, teacher, start & end times. Just hover over the event on the calendar with your mouse and all the important details pop up.