What is the Unified Login project?

Because the Shambhala Mandala is vast and covers several continents and thousands of individuals, in years past a number of websites and web projects were developed separately by separate programmers for separate populations within Shambhala. Because they were developed for different user groups (for example Europeans or N. Americans), they sometimes utilized different username/password combinations. It has been the goal of the Shambhala IT Department to bring these projects together under one username and password for each user. 

Why has it taken so long?

While the project sounds simple enough, Shambhala IT is a very tiny department -- with only four paid people working half time, plus a handful of excellent volunteers. We oversee over 100 websites, including, Shambhala Europe, Shambhala Online, The Shambhala Times, the forthcoming Shambhala Network and many dozens of Centre websites. So we have a bit of work to keep up with! Currently (Fall 2010) we have over 8,000 members and other associated users of the Shambhala Database. Bringing password systems together when they're used by this many users is complex to say the least. It took years of planning and preparation to make it happen. Finally, in Fall 2010, we're very close to achieving our goal.

Will it be this confusing again?

We're hoping that we've made your life much simpler. While there are still a few small spots where you need a second username/password, you can easily create one combination that will work for most sites in the mandala.