What are the most basic things I need to know about answering support emails?

Welcome Support Facilitators -- your time and efforts are appreciated by the mandala! 

many tickets do I have to answer?
As many as you'd like. There are no shifts or requirements. Even answering one ticket will help one person.

Linking to the system from support email notifications

The link at the end of the support email notifications will connect you directly with the ticket in question.

Answering Tickets

If the "answer" link is missing from the right hand column...

...then someone already answered it. (i.e. you can erase that support email from your inBox)

If it's there, you can click "answer" to begin writing back to the member.

Inserting FAQ articles to your answer
Once you've clicked "answer" (see above), click the FAQ button (above the text-entry field where you answer the support request).

This will pop up a window which will allows you to navigate through the FAQ articles. If you find one that's helpful, you can click "Done" to paste in the full content of the FAQ.

OR, you can copy part(s) of the text, close the pop up FAQ window, and paste that text into your support request.

Tracking Communications
For any ticket, you can see the interchange with the member by clicking the links at the top of the ticket page:


Closing a Ticket
When you get a final note from the member saying that the issue is resolved, you can "Close" the ticket, using the Close button (top right of the text entry area). 

Blocking/Holding email notifications
Note that you can change your preference to get emails from the system or not (link at the top of every page).

You can also set up "vacation" (i.e. retreat) dates so that you won't get support emails during this time.

Being Personal
Remember that this is Shambhala -- we're working with our mind and the minds of others. Try to remain friendly no matter how frustrated the other person is. Technology is deeply confusing to many beings.

Even if someone is really upset, remember that they're just caught in a klesha, as we have been many times. Try to give them what they need if possible. If you do, they often end up quite a lot happier by the end of the exchange.

This new support system is too complicated/confusing!
Don't worry about all the things the system can do. Just link from your email notifications to the ticket. Answer it there. Feel free to ignore the rest. 

We know the system isn't "easy on the eyes." It can be visually modified, but we're finding the time/budget to do this. Hang in there.

Here's the section in the FAQ for Support Facilitators. It has more articles to help you. If you have suggestions for other articles, let me know, or write one up and send it to me. 

And if you're really stumped, call me at 360-255-1123. Or email

And thanks again for all your hard work!
Greg Heffron
IT Support Lead
Shambhala International