I'm trying to make an announcement -- how do I do that?

These are instructions for making announcements to Global, Regional or Local Groups

1) Login to the Shambhala Network (Trouble logging into Shambhala sites? See this helpful article.)

2) Look for a link on the right sidebar under "Helpful Links," which says "Read and Post Announcements."

3) If you click this link, you will find sections of announcements -- mandala-wide, regional, local, etc. Scroll down to find the section (Sangha-announce, Regional announcements, local announcements, etc) you're looking for. 

Keep in mind that people on the Shambhala Network are automatically subscribed to the appropriate local, regional and mandala-wide announcement groups. (Some may have opted to unsubscribe from these.)

4) If you click to write ("post") an announcement, you will be taken to the appropriate Group. Click the "New Topic" button to write ("post") your announcement.

5) When you click the New Topic button, you'll be taken to a form to enter your message. Your cursor will already be in the Title field. Add the title and main text of your message. 

6) "Tags" are how people searching the system can find your message (if they didn't already get it in their email). Click here to learn about tags.

7) Be sure to click the "Submit" button, or your message will not be saved!

If you've followed these instructions carefully, you've just sent out your message. Congratulations!

It will be received via email by those subscribed to the specific announcement Group you sent to, based on their email settings. Some will receive every email sent. Some will receive a daily- or weekly-summary of messages ("Topics") posted. To learn more about adjusting your email settings, click here. IMPORTANT: By default, you will NOT receive a copy of your announcement. If you can see it on the Network site, it will be sent out.