"I'm getting too much email on a subject!" Or "I'm not getting enough emails on a subject!"

How do I change my email settings for just Sangha Talk, Sangha Announce (or any single group)?

These are instructions about changing settings for one Group (Sangha Talk, Sangha Announce, Tantrika Sangha, etc).

If you're trying to change settings for ALL groups, please scroll to the bottom for instructions.

If you get messages from a Group inside a "daily digest" or "weekly summery" email you get in your inBox. and want to change that, look within the email for the Group name and list of messages. Then click "change email settings."

It will be below and to the right of the title.

If you click this link, it will take you to the page to adjust your settings. You will have to log in to the Network to get to that page. (Login troubles? click here)

If you want to unsubscribe entirely (from this Group only), click the "unsubscribe" button to the left of that link in the email (see above).

If you're receiving every message in a Group in your inBox and want to change that:


1) click the link at the bottom of the email that looks something like this:

That will take you to the "Add a Reply" box on the topic page. 

If you want to stop receiving further messages on this topic, click the "Mute this Topic" button. Note that you'll still receive messages from other topics in the Group.

For example, if you've heard enough about a poem someone posted in the Sangha Talk group, Mute the topic. You'll still be informed about other topics that people post in Sangha Talk.

2) Scroll to the top of the page. You'll see a link for "Email Settings." Click this.

3) From the flyout menu that appears, choose the email setting that works for you.



(If you want to change your email settings for ALL your Groups at once, click here and follow instructions.)