The gentleman has a long history of Shambhala programs, none of which show in his record. This is because they all seem to pre-date the SDB. 

In fact, my history is incomplete as our Level 1 records at LA seem only to go back to 2007 so even the program I first took is not on my history and I don't see how to add it.

What do we do in circumstances like this? The history is incomplete and a student who has taken a large number of classes looks like they do not have prerequisites for new programs?

Are we looking to add historical programs? Or does the record simply start in 2007? Is it major programs that we're adding history for?

Here's the scoop on History --  Some centers have data from 2005 -- if they were in the original pilot -- other centers don't have much history before 2008.

We've been trying to find and enter info about important events in the past, but we certainly don't have everything on everyone. It is not important that every program done in the past is listed.

What we want is that people's level of practice and study  is accurate -- for exactly the reason you cite -- "prerequisites" -- getting into the student's profile the information that the person needs so that they can do the next thing and be invited to things that are for their level of practice.

What's important to us is that "Highest Shambhala Level" is set correctly and that the practice authorizations and major programs ("Date of first...") are accurate. 

The community relies on each DBA to work with "your" people to get their records not complete, but accurate.

Generally, for adding historical data, you don't want to set up all the possible past programs. So we have a "place-holder " past program set up for each ST class (and lots of other classes too) with the location "Anywhere".

For someone who's done a Warrior's Assembly, you can find out the year, and if it isn't already in the SDB, then indicate he's done it using the "anywhere" option (see below).  Or just edit the Highest Shambhala level field and leave it at that.

So search for the location "anywhere" , and then get a list of place-holder programs and pick the one that occurs in the year you want.