Explain the difference between a DBA and a DB Assistant.

What are the responsibilities of a DBA?

The database administrator is responsible for --

    •    Keeping your Group or Center Profile correct in the SDB
    •    Getting your membership information into the SDB and maintaining it
    •    Making sure program information is in the SDB so that it will appear on the website  (and  your website )
    •    Using the SDB to support your efforts by producing mailing lists, membership lists, etc.

Comparison of DBA and DB Assistant

All of these activities are done on the portion of the SDB that is “owned” by the DBA.

The DBA can make changes to people’s records directly.  The DB Assistant can propose changes that are later confirmed by the DBA.

The DBA can accept or reject changes to people’s profiles that are proposed by others.

The DBA can delete people.  The DBA can dump information out of the SDB to be used in another software program.

Both the DBA and the DB Assistant can email people. They can also use the newsletter functionality to send e-newsletters to their mailing list.

The DBA can process registrations.  The DB Assistant can be given privileges to process registrations.