I've got a list of various people who I have to send an email to -- I don't want to send it to each one individually -- Is there something in the SDB that can help me?
A feature of the SDB that might help you is the "basket".  I'd suggest that you do the following; for each person,

  1. Use search to find the person.
  2. Go to their profile page.
  3. On the top right, you'll see a yellow folder with a green arrow.
  4. Click the folder to put the person in your basket.
  5. Continue until you have all the folks in your basket (you'll see the number under the folder increase with each click.)
  6. Once you have every one, click the basket on the navigation bar.
  7. Select all and click batch.
  8. At the batch page, click the send email link and continue as usual to send the email to everyone in your basket.