I wanted to send an email with followup paper mail to the Level 5 group that
just finished, along with everyone who has done a level 5 but NOT completed the Sacred Path,
(within the past 2 years) to let them know about the Way of Shambhala Curriculum, invite them to participate, and most
importantly to let them know about what we have scheduled for this group to take in terms of
classes, weekends, etc.

On the search page,

Centre -- Select "my center or group"

Shambhala Training level -- select all from 5 to Outrageous/Inscrutable (cmd-click if Mac or Ctrl- click on PC)

    (I'm assuming "not completed Sacred Path" means highest ST level below Golden Key -- if it means not gone to Warrior Assembly, then select GK also)

Type of program attended -- Select "any program" and a date 2 years ago

Display -- Click "highest Shambhala Training."


This will give you all the people who have a highest ST  level 5 - OI and who have done a program within the last 2 years. I included the "highest ST" in the display so you can see that the search is getting the levels you want.

I think it will give her a good approximation of what she wanted.  They may've taken their last ST level more than 2 years ago, but if they've taken any program at the Center they are probably still connected and interested...