I would love to try to use written directions re: where to find lists of sf and berkeley level participants level 3 and above for past 2 years(search?) (i know how to find them in Programs, but don't think that's the way to batch); how to combine  some of the lists (batch--but where is batch?); how to send an e-mail to them all, or slightly different e-mails to various groups; how to use the templates in the e-mails (and where are they?)

I'm not sure exactly what you need, but I'm guessing that since you're saying level 3 and up, you may be trying to find the potential staff people for these two centers...  Let me know how this works for you. 

How to Create a list of Potential Staff People


1) Click the Search Icon.

2) To get people that are in San Fransisco and Berkeley

Centre : use ctrl-click or cmd-click to select the Berkeley and SF Centers.

  Note: you could also search by zip code or town name, but this is probably best.

3) To get all the folks eligible to staff, search by highest ST level

Shambhala Training level : use ctrl-click or cmd-click to select level 3, 4, to Warriors (you could adjust this to whatever seems right)

4) To get a sense of whether this person is still active at the Center, let's also ask if they've done a program in the last year.

Type of Program attended: any program
Search for programs after this date:  click the ... button, and then the << to go back one year from today.

5) Scroll down to the bottom and adjust Display options.

You might want to click Center, Member Status, Highest ST, and click "see more..." and get the telephone number... (in case you are making a list for yourself to call from)
5) Click Search (bottom left)
Only DBAs are allowed to download from the SDB, but you can save this search and use it over and over again.  Saving the search is at the bottom of the page, right before the button to do the search.

I got a list of 77 people, a lot of whom were members. So once you have this list, you can do various things with it. 

You can sort the results list by clicking any of the blue headers -- this might help you pick the people you want to send the email to -- you might want to leave out the ex-members or use only the ones who were in a certian set of levels.

On the results page, you can click the "edit" button, and the person's profile will open in another window, so you don't loose your search.

If you want to send all (or some) an email, you would click select all, or just select some, and then press the batch button.  On the batch page, you can send an email to the group you selected.

Batch page and Email page

1) To send an email, scroll to the bottom of the batch page, and on the left is a Send email link.

Send email page will open.

Scroll down past your addresses.

2) Select a template (pull down has tiger lion garuda and dragon options)

3) Enter a subject.

4) Enter your email in the box.  There is a palette of tools formatting tools below the box that you can use to add formatting (Fonts, sizes, Bold, etc)

The email will be sent with HTML formatting.  If you have already used Word to format your text, you have formatted with the Word formatting codes.  They are not the same as HTML and will be jumbled and messy. 

If you need to insert text that has been formatted already, use the tool that looks like a clipboard with a W on it.  This will open a window -- paste your text in there, and then click insert.  It will strip the word formatting and give you clean text to work with.

5) When you are done, click the Send email button.

Don't close the window until all the emails are sent.

You will get a copy of the email sent to your address in the SDB.
You may want to practice a little bit -- You can do this by searching for and creating a result with only you in it, and then doing the batch and email just to yourself.  This is a good way to know how the whole thing works.