My Head of Practice and Study asked me -- Do you have a list of MIEL participants from 2009, who haven't taken other IEL courses? I'd like to send them info on the upcoming CIEL.

How do I do a query like this... people who have done MIEL but haven't done any further courses beyond that?

You can use the  Super Advanced Search -- we've been working on it and it is now working ...

From Search, you can click the
Super Advanced Search link.

There's a lot on this page, so don't get overwhelmed -- I'll try to indicate what you should do to get your MIEL people...

  1. Scroll down to Center...
  2. Click "Select my center/group" and click the box on the far right so that you can see that you're getting your folks.
  3. Scroll down to Type of program attended...
  4. Select MIEL
  5. From Type of program NOT attended, select CIEL
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page...
  7. Click Search,
That should do it.

Note:  You can also put time limits (since Jan 1 2009) on these searches.