How do I keep people from knowing my identity on the Shambhala Network?
1) First, you'll want to change your username on the Shambhala Database to something other than your name. Login to the Member's View of the Shambhala Database and change your username. Be sure to click "Save Changes." Otherwise your work will be lost.

2) Login to the Shambhala Network and click the link that says "Edit my Profile" (upper right, just below your little photo).

Erase your name in the name field. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes."

3) Change your photo by clicking "Change Photo." Follow the instructions. If you want to remain private, you can choose a photo that doesn't show you, or erase the photo entirely.

Done. No one will know your name or what you look like. The only name they will associate with your activity on the Shambhala Network is your username. They will be able to see what groups you are a member of, your center, etc. But nothing more than that.