As you may be aware, we're in the process of cleaning up our Halifax Shambhala Centre membership list, and accordingly will be changing a number of HSC members to inactive or ex-member status in the SDB. Which brings me to a question about mailing list subscriptions in the SDB…. 

We plan to remove inactive and ex-members from the "Halifax Members" mailing list (but will keep them on the "Halifax Program Participants" list if appropriate). However, many of these people are also subscribed to other Shambhala lists: land/practice centres, newsletters, SNS, Messages from President Reoch and Carolyn Mandelker and so on….messages that, in some instances, might be a bit odd for inactive or ex members to continue receiving. 

Do any or all SDB-generated subscriptions automatically change with a change to inactive or ex member status? If not, should we as local administrators make any subscription changes? Or do we leave subscriptions as is for each former member to change as s/he wishes?
Here is what changes in the SDB when a person is no longer a member (any membership status other than "member"):

  • In the member's view of the SDB -- Access to looking up other people and centers is only allowed to members -- If you are not a member, you can only see your own profile and subscription pages.
  • Subscriptions to Restricted lists -- Tantrika and Sadhaka mailing lists are only for members.
  • Teaching Authorizations are set to "inactive" when people are no longer members. They will also no longer get emails from OPE to teachers, since those are only sent to active teachers.  This applies to the entire teacher category, from Guides to Acharyas.

Here is what doesn't change in the SDB when a person is no longer a member:
  • Subscriptions to Newsletters for practice centers and affiliated Centers are not changed.
  • Subscriptions to Misc. lists like President Reoch, the Archives, or Nalanda, are not changed.
  • Subscriptions to Restricted lists -- Scorpion Seal list is based on participation and not membership.
  • Practice-related groups in the Network are based on authorizations and not affected by a change of membership.