I'm trying to figure out how to send emails to sangha announce type lists.

If you're signed up to receive a particular email list, you can send emails to that list from your listed email address.

To confirm that you're signed up for a list, and that your email is up to date, login to Confirm your email address and that the correct lists are selected for your account. If you make changes, be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. Otherwise your changes will be lost.

Once you've confirmed your subscriptions, you can send to the following email addresses,
based on your subscriptions:

Sangha Announce

Sangha Talk

Sangha Wired

Sadhaka Talk

Chakrasamvara Talk

Regional Lists

Based on the listing of your local Center, those signed up for the sangha-announce list with automatically be allowed to email regional lists. For more information, see

If you have questions about other lists, create a support ticket here: