I'm going on a vacation/retreat. How do I put my Shambhala emails on hold?

There are currently two places to put your Shambhala emails on hold

I) Sangha-announce lists (including sangha-talk, sadhaka-announce, kasung-announce, etc.)

Login using your old username/password following the directions in this article.
2) After you login, at the bottom will be a place to enter the dates of your vacation/retreat.

NOTE: These email lists will be replaced by the Shambhala Network within 6 months. This is why were not switching it over to the new password system. The Shambhala Network has not officially launched yet, but members are free to join and participate at any time.

II) Other email lists (practice centre announcements, some local center newsletters, Shambhala Database newsletter, etc.)

Step 1) Login to the Shambhala Database Member's View using your Shambhala Account (newest username/password)
Step 2) Click on "Edit my Profile"

Step 3) Find the "Email Mailing" setting on your profile. Change it from "yes" to "no".

Step 4) IMPORTANT: Once you return from your retreat/vacation, you'll need to turn this back on to receive these emails again.