What's the procedure for helping with login issues?


While every login issue will be slightly different, this is a good procedure to follow:

1) Be sure you know where the member is trying to login. 

Keep in mind that if they're trying to access, they'll have to use the OLD N. American (OLD members) login (aka "webbymail"). Click on the link for details.

Every other web resource in the Shambhala Mandala now uses the Shambhala Account (aka the European account, the account for the Shambhala Database, etc.)

2) Look up their profile on the SDB

A. Login at (aka - you have to be a Database Admin or Assistant to login here.

B. Start typing (part of) their name into the member search at the top. Click on the correct name in the list that comes up.

C. Check their Member status. Only "members" are allowed into the Members section of

D. If there's no reason that they wouldn't be able to get in, try resetting their password using the link at the bottom of their profile:

E. Note the username (also at the bottom of their profile --> see above), so you can mention it in your support response.

3) Answer their support ticket in the SDB

A. Let them know if they're not listed as a "member." If this is a mistake, they can contact their centre's local Database Admins to make the change. Also, if they think they're a member but there is confusion around this, you can pass the ticket to Ed Keizer, Candlin Dobbs or myself. (Note: the 3rd Shambhala Congress decided that members have to donate something, even if it is $5/year, arranging for a trade, etc.)

B. If you reset their password, let them know that it will show up in their inBox (addressed from "Shambhala IT Help Desk") within a few minutes. Also let them know their current USERNAME.

C. Instruct them how to change their username and/or password to something easier for them to remember. The link to do this is in the password reset email. 

I often say: 

"You will want to reset your password to something easier to remember. Use your temporary password to login using the link in the email you received. Once there, you can choose a password that's easy for you to remember."

This is the basic procedure for the most common question in Shambhala IT. It will solve 90% of login issues. Best of luck!