How do I change my email settings for the Shambhala Network?
If you're trying to change something besides Group email settings, please scroll past these instructions.

Email settings for your Groups will need to be changed individually. This sounds tedious, but is actually quicker than it seems. 

There are five options for email notifications for Groups:
1) No Email
2) Weekly Summary 
3) Daily Digest 
4) New Topics
5) All Email.

To change your Group Email settings:

1) First, click on the large "Groups" button (top bar -- the one with the fish). 
2) Then click the tab which says My Groups:

The group settings can be changed on this page:
3) When you click the blue "change" link for a group, it will pull down a menu:
4) Remember to click "Close" to save your changes. Then move on to the next group on your screen. 
5) Hence, changing the groups is actually quite quick. Just change them to the setting that you desire. Remember that you might have multiple pages of groups. Look for the (page number) links at top and bottom to go to further pages:


More Advanced Mail Setting Adjustment

You can get more detailed about adjusting your mail settings by hovering your mouse over your name at the top right:
When you do this, a drop down will allow you to go to Settings, then Notifications:
A more advanced set of options will appear, allowing you to fine-tune your email notifications regarding what activities send you email at all.