How do I find a group to post my message in? And if there's not one already, how do I create my own group?

Please check to see if there is an existing Group around your topic of interest before you create a new group. 

Otherwise, you'll "split" the discussion, leaving half the interested readers "out of the loop."

To search for groups or create a new group:

1) login to using your Shambhala Account. (Login issues? Get help here.)

2) click the large "Groups" button at the top of the page.

3) on the Groups page, use the "Search Groups" bar to check for the subjects you want to discuss. For example, if you're looking for announcements, type "announce" and search. (If you're looking for Chakrasamvara, type that, etc.)

Note: it's best to try all the options you can think of. For example, if you're trying to find Boulder announce, try one search for "boulder," then try one for "announce" (or anything else you think might in the name of the group). If you don't find anything relevant, skip down this page to the instructions about how to create a group.

4) Be sure you're "joined" to the group. If you're not joined, look to the right of a group's listing -- there is a button to "Join Group." Click this.

If you are already joined, this button is replaced by the email settings button. You can read this helpful article about changing your email settings.


5) To write ("post") your message, click the "New Topic" button:

6) enter your topic into the fields that appear.

(Asking yourself "what are tags?" Read this helpful article.)

If you can't find a group and want to create a new one:

1) Click the large "Groups" button at the top of the page to get to the Groups Directory home page.

2) Click "Create a Group" and follow the instructions.


3) After it's complete, to write ("post") your message, click the "New Topic" button:

4) Afterwards, it's important to announce your new group on the Shambhala Network's "sangha-announce." (You can also announce it on the existing sangha-announce email lists as well for now.)

To announce your new Group to the sangha: 

1) go to your new completed Group's home page. (If you can't find it, search using the first instructions on this page.)


2) copy the URL/web address (in the address bar at the top of your browser)

NOTE: The URL is in the "address bar" at the top of most browsers. Some web browsers hide this bar (notably newer versions of Internet Explorer). To find that bar (which always shows the "http://www.etc.etc.etc...", which is called the URL) google search for the name of your browser, plus "show address bar shortcut" and then add the year (to find up-to-date suggestions).

For internet explorer, the search would be "internet explorer show address bar shortcut 2012."

There should be options to show you that bar. Once you've found it, copy the URL/address. Then you can paste that into an announcement to sangha-announce, etc.


3) paste this into a message on the Sangha Announce group on the Shambhala Network and add text explaining what your new group is for.