1) Login to the Shambhala Network. (troubles logging in? see this helpful article)

2) Click the link on the right sidebar: "Groups in my region."

3) Look through the Groups in your region and choose one to post in. Check the right sidebar to see if you're already a member. If there is a button on the right which says, "Join Group," you'll have to click that to Join. (Some groups require being approved before you can enter. Others are "public" groups.)

If it shows your email setting for that group, you're already a member. Click the name of the Group to enter it.

4) Once you're in the Group, click "New Topic."

5) This will take you down the page to the form where you will enter your message. Be sure to click "Submit" after you're done -- otherwise your message will be lost.

to learn about "tags" see this article.