"Groups" are the main way that the Shambhala Network conversations are organized. 

All messages ("Topics") happen inside a "Group." Examples of groups are:


  • "Sangha Announce"
  • "Sangha Talk"
  • "Pacific Northwest Announcements"
  • "Halifax Community Room"
  • "Science and Shambhala"
  • "International Tonglen Requests"  
To write a message to a Group (i.e. "post" a message that will be emailed to everyone in that group, based on their email settings), you first have to be "joined" to that group. 

You are automatically joined to certain groups based on your center, region, and practice history.

You can find your groups by clicking the large "Groups" button at the top of every page (the one with the fish swimming).

Then click "My Groups."