How can I tell if my announcement was sent out successfully? I didn't receive it as an email.

The default setting for the Shambhala Network is that you will NOT receive your own messages via email. They will be sent to others, but not to you. 

To double check, go to the Group you posted to on the Network and see if your message is posted. If it is listed there, then it will be sent to others, based on their email settings (immediately, in a daily digest, a weekly summary -- or not at all for those that have their setting set to "No Email").

To change the default setting (receive your own messages as emails), follow these instructions:

1) Hover your mouse over “Hello, Your Name
(very top right of your web browser window).

2) Go down to “Settings.”

3) a little option will open to the side. Click “Notifications.”

4) On the page that loads, scroll down to the very last “yes/no” question. To receive emails of your own posts, change this setting from “no” to “yes.”

5) Be sure to click "Save Changes" or your work will be lost!