I'm not added properly to a practice group which I should be a member of, or a local or regional group. What do I do?

Certain discussion groups on Shambhala Network auto-add members based on their listings in the Shambhala Database. These are:

  • Practice Groups (based on one's Practice Authorizations)

  • Regional/Local Groups (based on one's centre affiliations)

  • Special groups, such as Centre Leadership Hub (based on having a role in one's centre, as listed in the database)

If you're not auto-added properly to discussion groups on the Shambhala Network:

1) check your account's listings in the Shambhala Database:

a) login at to check your "practice authorizations"

b) go to to see if your centre affiliations are listed correctly.

2) If your location and authorizations are listed properly in the database, go to and reset your account.
Please be patient. Within two hours, you should be joined properly to the appropriate groups.

If you have further issues, please contact the Help Desk directly by Asking your Own Question (see link on every page of the Help Desk).