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Center Websites

Center websites built on the European or N. American Templates

Name / Comment Subcategories Article
European Template Sites
European sites (using CMS system to edit) 
0 1
N. American Template Sites
N. America site (using Adobe Contribute for editing) 
0 13

Title up / down Language up / down State up / down Result (%) up / down Votes up / down
  Calendar 2.0 features en public (all) 0.00 0
  How to manage your News Blog en public (all) 0.00 0
  Picking a Blog editor - Centre Directors en public (all) 0.00 0
  Setting up a news blog for your centre en public (all) 0.00 0
  Why Doesn't the delete button appear for this registration? en public (all) 0.00 0 Shambhala Support Home
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