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Shambhala Database

This includes both the "Administrator" and "Member" Views

Name / Comment Subcategories Article
Administrator's View of SDB
Adding programs, changing Center info, managing members, detailed searches, etc. 
5 12
Member's View of SDB
your personal profile information, searches for other members, etc. 
0 7

Title up / down Language up / down State up / down Result (%) up / down Votes up / down
  How do I know which "View" of the Shambhala Database I'm try[..] en public (all) 0.00 0
  I'm not getting an e-newsletter I should get... en public (all) 0.00 0
  Missing buttons or information en public (all) 0.00 0
  My profile doesn't show all the programs I have attended; wh[..] en public (all) 0.00 0
  Printing program registration lists/sheets en public (all) 0.00 0
  Roles and Privliges in the SDB en public (all) 0.00 0
  SDB and Google maps en public (all) 0.00 0
  Using the SDB for Statistical Research en public (all) 0.00 0 Shambhala Support Home
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